Anirudh launches his website

Young and talented Anirudh Mavaji has proven once again that he is serious to the last letter when it comes to making his polo dream come true. He has been handling all the aspects related to the mission in a professional manner , wether it is about getting a good string of horses or about getting the right exposure and coaching. In continuation of his efforts, he has now launched A move by which he has become the first amateur player of the country to have a full fledged website running in his name.The website talks about his vision, progress and dreams which now can be accessed by anyone who intends to follow his progress and performance. Anirudh, who is from Bangalore,  has been working on his polo dream for last 6 years. Journey so far has been long and testing, but today he is as prepared as one can be, to get into the world of national level polo and make his mark. With two strings of horses, a horse float to carry them along and a set up to keep all this running up and about , he has all that is required to make it big. At this juncture one has to appreciate dedication and support provided by his parents , Mr Vikram Mavaji and Mrs Rupa Mavaji. Vikram himself has been into motor racing professionally and he understands the importance of support a sportsman requires at the right time. Anirudh , as of now , is on his way to Jaipur to participate in Polo season there and with every passing mile he is coming closer to making his long cherished dream a reality.

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