Anirudh Mavaji

Anirudh started his polo career quite early. Being from Bangalore , he hel hi spolo stick for the first time at Agram Riding & Polo Club under Colonel Faiz Siddiqui ,who also happens to be the coach for Pranav Kapur. Rather Pranav an Anirudh started their journey almost together. From ARPA Anirudh participate in delhi an Hyderabad and Lucknow polo season.

Anirudh’s father , Mr Vikram is himself a sports person and was actively involved in competitive car rally. He also owns horses. Therefore when Anirudh displayed his inclination towards the Game of Kings , all that Vikram ha to o was to increase the nos an ensure the new ones are polo type.

Presently, Anirudh is playing at a handicap of -1. He has all that it takes to make it to next level. ieĀ  has a string of 5 horses an a float to carry these wherever polo season his happening