Bhanwar Janmejai Singh Rathore

Bhanwar Janmejai Singh Rathore

Born on 16th May, 1998 to Rajkumar Karan Vijay Singh and Kunwarani Shweta Rathore, Bhanwar Janmejai Singh Rathore is a direct descendant of Jodhpur’s founder. This royal house of the Rathore clan of Rajputs traces its lineage to the Rashtrakuta solar dynasty from 8th century AD. His family has been blessed with many outstanding sportsmen and has established numerous noteworthy sports facilities like the famous Sardar Club, Umed Club and Jodhpur Flying Club.

Following in the footsteps of his ancestors, Janmejai discovered an unbridled passion for sports at an early age. He enjoyed riding, shooting, football, tennis, golf and cycle polo with the zeal of a true athlete. He has captained the National Junior Cycle Polo team for Rajasthan, for 2 consecutive years. He has also participated in several Golf tournaments in India and has played tennis and football for his school. The fear of spreading himself too thin led Janmejai to concentrate on shooting and polo.

At 10, Janmejai began competing in the under-21 junior level shooting competition and won the bronze medal at Rajasthan’s state level championship. He went on to qualify and win many under-21 shooting competitions across 12 gauge shot gun, trap and double trap at the state and the national level. Janmejai also became the youngest shooter to make it to the distinguished category of ‘renowned shots’, 2 years in a row and has been praised by the National Rifle Association of India and Government of India for his skills. In the past 2 years, Janmejai has also trained under the veteran coach Marcelo Leonardi in Italy.

Being the son of an avid Polo player, Janmejai has developed spectacular skills in the royal sport. He played as Jodhpur at the Vreeland Club in Netherlands in the summer. He is a member of the prestigious Polo Club de Veytay in Geneva and has also been trained by the old reputed Araya family.

Janmejai is a brilliant student and is currently pursuing his undergrads from Le Rosey Geneva IB School in Switzerland. In spite of his commitment to sports, Janmejai has consistently performed well at academics.