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Step in to explore those who dare to play this original X-treme sport. From potential beginners to hard core professionals, this thread will give you an opportunity to know and follow the real heroes.

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Federico Cendoya is CEO and owner of "El Venado " polo school in Argentina. Federico , who maintained 5 goal handicap for over 15    years , has 30 years of experience in playing,coaching & training. He has trained players of all levels from various corners  of the world.


Edurdo Amaya is an Instructor with International Polo Academy(IPA) and also works with new analysis system Dart Fish International. He has been a 6 goal player and has played and coached in almost all polo playing countries in the world.


Rudolf Berglenher is Vice President of Viareggio Polo Club in Italy. He is involved in major polo tournament globally. He has participated in International Jumping & Dressage tournaments along with being a Polo enthusiast.


 Equine Lock Down  in Belgium

When it comes to the mounted sports, Belgium undoubtedly emerges as one of the world leaders. A casual look at the statistics reveals that a lot about the equestrian world […]

Legendary Horses of Achilles

Art of the day Achilles’s Legendary Horses – Xanthos and Balios – painting by Henri Regnault Achilles’s Legendary Horses – Xanthos and Balios – Painting by Henri Regnault This painting […]

Garrie Renucci - Vendetta Polo Team

Garrie Renucci

Garrie Renucci “Patron of the ground-breaking – Vendetta Polo Team” Garrie Renucci was as far away from the horse as any man could be. It was easier to locate him […]

Estelle Wagner @ Ashva Sports .com

Estelle Wagner

Discovering Polo Until Estelle was 14 years old she had no clue that within 6 years or so she will be galloping down various polo fields of Europe, making that […]

Art Of The Day by Jiri Hodan

Dark Horse Eye “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”  Equine Lock Down  in Belgium Legendary Horses of Achilles […]

Fouaad Mirza with Hasnain

Visionary Behind India’s Individual Eventing Silver

Every achiever knows  what legendary boxer Mohammad Ali said once,” Fight is won or lost far away from witness. Long before I dance under those lights.”  For every glamorous 45 […]

Bucephalus – The horse who declared Alexander’s Arrival

Alexander’s Dramatic Meeting with Bucephalus Bucephalus was Alexander the Great’s horse and is arguably  the most famous horse in history. It was this horse who eclare Alexanders arrival. Alexander and […]

Memo Gracida breaks his silence

Also see  – Whose Line is It Any Way , Polo Rules, Polo has never been an easy game. Played by life sitting on another life is in itself complicated enough to […]

Marengo – The Legendary Horse

When it comes to legendary horses, it is difficult not to start the series with Marengo. The famous War Mount of Napoleon, whom French painter & politician Jacques Louis David […]

Logical trail to Penalties

  Various Penalty And Their Nomenclature No , it is not mandatory for umpires or players to know what is the correct nomenclature of a 60 yard Penalty . YES […]

‘Art Of The Day’ by Wilhelm Richter

An ‘Oil on Canvas’ made by Wilhem Richter, an Austrian artist, duly titled as Hungarian Hussar Officer (Member of the Upper Chamber) on Horseback. Asca Castle can be seen in […]

El Arte Y Sus Valores De Subasta En La Actualidad.

    El Arte y sus valores de subasta en la actualidad. Estimados amigos lectores de !”Ashva Sport by Polo Magazine” me honra reencontrarme nuevamente con cada uno de ustedes […]