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Logical trail to Penalties


Various Penalty And Their Nomenclature

No , it is not mandatory for umpires or players to know what is the correct nomenclature of a 60 yard Penalty .
YES . It looks unprofessional if one makes his lack of knowledge evident, especially if one is a  senior player or a part of a team  representing  its country.

Good news. It is not as difficult as it seems in the beginning.  There is  quite an easy logical flow to it. Thumb rule says,” “Harsher the punishment , higher  the hierarchy”. Every polo player knows that “goal granted and throw in”  wins the harshness test hands down. Thus it gets the coveted spot of being Penalty No 1. Second most feared penalty is Spot or 30 yard , which makes it second in seniority. Therefore it gets to be Penalty No 2 . Thereafter comes 40 yard and it claims its place as Penalty No 3. Following the same trail, 60 yard  becomes Penalty No4.  After 60 yard , the two that are left are either spot or hit from the centre of the ground. Sequence so far makes them Penalty No 5 if its a spot and Penalty 5(b) if it is from the centre.

They say ,”Exception proves a rule.” Exception in this case happens to be Penalty No  6. Also known as safety , it is a free hit at the ball from a point 60 yards from the backline.

Second exception is Penalty No 7 which is basically a re hit if the team that committed the infraction does not act correctly in executing Penalty No. 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6.

Just this much, and for rest of our life we can proudly handle otherwise embarrassing situations, like a boss.


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