Bhanwar Kartikeya Singh Rathore

Bhanwar Kartikeya Singh Rathore

Born into the royal house of the Rathore clan of Rajputs, Bhanwar Kartikeya Singh Rathore is the progeny of Rajkumar Karan Vijay Singh and Kunwarani Shweta Rathore.

As the son of a renowned Polo player, Kartikeya realised his passion early in life and went on to become the country’s youngest polo player. Last year, he played along with his father in the Jodhpur polo season and this year, he joined his elder brother Janmejai to play as Jodhpur at the Vreeland Club in Netherlands.

At 13, Kartikeya displays spectacular skills as a sportsman and is equally committed to academic excellence. He is also a philanthropist by nature and provides a loving home to displaced or injured animals. From managing varied diets or nutritional requirements to ensuring a safe haven and from administering first aid to arranging prolonged treatment, Kartikeya ensures that every need of his sheltered animals is met efficiently.

What started as an 8 year old’s innocent efforts to house a few homeless animals has today turned into a full time initiative that is also generating employment for the villagers. Despite his tender age; Kartikeya has led the rehabilitation of countless animals including Horses, Mules, Polo Ponies, Camels and more. He has commanded the transformation of his family’s lands for an animal shelter in Jaipur and a Camel reserve in Jodhpur.

Date of Birth – 8th January 2002

School – Step by Step IB School
Happy Hours School

Hobbies – Painting, Music, Football