Hemendra Singh Rathore


Family Background

BHANWAR HEMENDRA SINGH RATHORE is the older son of  Rajkumar Rajendra Singh (Reggie Singh) and the grandson of Maharaj Madan Singh of Jodhpur. Polo couldn’t run stronger than in this family which can easily be called the Mercenaries of polo -playing for various Kingdoms of Old Hindoostan. In fact there was a time when 8 members of the family were playing high goal polo. His great grandfather Maharaj Ratan Singh played to a handicap of 8 and was awarded Polo Crown. He was awarded with this rare distinction for winning all the major tournaments in the country for 3 consecutive years as part of Kishangarh team. Carrying the legacy forward  Maharaj Sher Singh and his younger brother Maharaj Akhai Singh  represented Jodhpur team and won the prestigious Rajputana championship in Nasirabad .

Equally strong was the love for horses and riding from his maternal side. His great grandfather, Brigadier Thakur Jabbar Singh of Bera was Commandant of the famous Jodhpur Lancers. Brigadier Thakur Jabbar Singh’s mother was the daughter of Sir Pratap Singh. Sir Pratap was the man who was instrumental in raising the Jodhpur Lancers. He also played an important role in capture of Haifa


Polo Player in The Making

Bhawanr Hemendra Singh is an alumnus of  Mayo College in Ajmer after which  he graduated as a hotelier through Oxford Brookes in Delhi. Whilst in Mayo college he was the junior School Shooting Captain along with being  an avid golfer. Polo came into his life after school and he is hooked on to it ever since.
With horses and polo being in his blood, he didn’t take long to announce his arrival.  In  the year 2016 he  won the  “Most Promising Player” award in Jodhpur  and was declared the “Most Upcoming Player” for Jaipur polo season in January 2018. No wonder that in such a short span he has already played for some of the most prestigious teams of the country like Jodhpur, Jaipur, Sahara, Sona, Rajnigandha, la pegasus, 61st cavalry, Sahgal stud and Hyderabad chougan.


Future Plans

Hemendra reveals, “As any sportsman it is my endeavor to play for my country and at the same time increase our fraternity by spreading this wonderful sport amongst the young in the future.”