Born on 19th August 2006, 12 year old Hrithikesh developed a liking for all animals in general as he grew up.
His constant requests to own a pet at home was vehemently denied by his parents for “top-up” responsibility
at home ! But his perseverance prevailed leading his parents to look out for an outdoor option for him to
spend time with animals. Exactly around that time, his parents came across a summer camp for 10 days
in one of the educational institutes in the neighborhood, in the month of May 2017. Knowing Hrithikesh
well, his parents signed up reluctantly for the camp as it demanded their son to compete with the sun and be
the first to witness the horse. Hrithikesh was not an early riser then. But to their amazement, he got up every
single day on his own without the assistance of wake-up calls / alarms and was there in the stables ahead of
everyone else. It’s been an exhilarating and sometimes tiring ( for parents ) journey since then.

Subsequent to the summer camp, he secured membership in Chennai Polo & Riding Club and started training under guidance of Mr. Junaid Nahri on
different thoroughbreds owned by the club. He exhibited tremendous commitment and started riding 2 to 3 horses
in every session. As a token of appreciation for his commitment and further encouragement, his parents gifted a
7 years old mare named ‘Sunshine Heart’, few weeks after Ambur Equestrian Dressage-Showjumping competition
in the month of Feb ’18 and Showjumping competition organized by Madras School of Equitation in Mar ’18.

Both Hrithikesh and Sunshine Heart are now getting trained in Polo. He enjoys tacking up the horse, practicing stick and ball,
wooden horse, riding, lunging, taking the horse for grazing, giving sandbath, feeding, massage and
bath to the horse. With his training in polo, he along with his club aims to turn ‘Polo is a rich-man’s sport’ into a myth.

He is currently under coaching of Bhavani Kalvi to improve his game