Pranav Kapur


Pranav started his riding dream as a show jumper . He developed interest in horses quite early in life and was soon spending lion’s share of his time on or around horses. By the time he got seduced by the original extreme sport, he was already a good and strong rider. It came in handy when he shifted sides and requested Colonel Faiz Siddiqui to accept him under his tutelage. As Pranav was already a good rider, he was quick to adapt his  style to polo and learned basic swing , rules and concepts of polo under hard and strict supervision of the Colonel.

Journey to Indian Team

Within a year , pranav was playing well enough to make Colonel Faiz Siddiqui shift him to polo capital of the country. Once in delhi , Pranav  did not waste much time and couple of years and some serious falls later he played for Indian Team for Polo World Cup in the year 2017. At present , he is playing at a handicap of 2 goals.