Sajid Saleem

Early steps into polo

I loved horses as kid but started riding seriously at the age of 17 at Hyderabad Polo and Riding Club. Two years into my riding, the club needed a -2 handicap player to play for them, and of course, I was more than excited to join the club’s then polo team. I played with HPRC for four years, and it was truly an amazing experience. I was lucky enough to get to play with, and learn from great players like Shamsher, Basheer, Samir and Dhruv. We won several tournaments in the Hyderabad Polo Seasons in the years I was with HPRC.
But my journey with the club had to then part temporarily. I moved to the UK, where I joined the Kent University Polo Club. Our team was the runner up in 2012 and the winner in 2013 of the Summer Nationals organised by the Students and Universities Polo Association. Polo in the lush fields of the UK was indeed special.

Now & Beyond 

I am now living in Oregon state in the USA, where polo is less popular. However, staying away from horses is not nearly as easy. I am learning to show jump here. Jumping set pieces with the backdrop of Douglas-Fir forest is an experience unlike any other! I plan to return to India in a year or two and get back into polo. Show jumping is great but polo has to be my first choice!