Dr. Anibal Di Gennaro de Olloqui

An avid polo fan who doesn’t leave an opportunity to witness the Game of Kings, Anibal Di Gennaro de Olloqui is a prestigious lawyer and is specialized in communication and corporate image.
He lives in Buenos Aires -Republic of Argentina and is a great creator of meetings for Art and Culture in his country and abroad. His style is unequaled, it stands out for its sober elegance and its marked European profile taking into account that his family is very important in Argentina being the
outstanding with the Nobility Title of Baron for his great performance in the culture
of that country


His personal vision of life is wide, he is  a lover of classic Italian reading, of the music of the time as well as of ancestors like Franck Sinatra or Laisa Minelli.  Careers of Lawyer and Communicators have taken him through different social and cultural fields in which presented the opportunity to contact people from the world of arts and diplomacy. He has great value for traditions and different cultures, and he  believes that today the world is globalized and we are all connected in different ways. This is very positive and it generates enormous growth at all levels.