Dressage in Hand by By Josepha Guillaume

Josepha On A Life Mission

Dressage in Hand When we train horses for better performance under saddle, we usually don’t think any different than training them from the saddle, no matter what kind of sport […]


Penalties in the Game of Polo No , it is not mandatory for  players to know what is the correct nomenclature of a 60 yard Penalty . YES . It […]

How Bad Can It Get.

A broken/smaller whip is  more potent at causing injury than the  buckle or buttons on out side of shoes. How ever , surprisingly, rule book doesn’t say anything about  minimum […]

When Polo Time Keeping Gets Tricky

Foul after first hooter   Penalty is executed in next chakkar.   Foul after first hooter of last chakkar ( Obviously with a tied score) Penalty is executed immediately with 5 […]

POLO RULE – 4.A(1)

Minimal Essentials  Approval of the Tournament Committee  Not bring the team’s handicap beyond  tournament limit Not to  begin with a “losing player substitute”  Not to substitute for more than one […]


What it Takes    Number of players will be four per team in all games.  No left-handed players are permitted. No player with dues outstanding to I.P.A can play.  No player other than […]


 The size of the ball will be 78 to 90 millimeters in diameter, and its weight may vary between the limits of 120 and 135 gms for plastic balls and […]


A polo field is as big as 11 foot ball ground.  Total area covered is 12 acres . If the field is boarded then its 160 yard  by 300 yard . […]