When Polo Time Keeping Gets Tricky

Foul after first hooter 

 Penalty is executed in next chakkar.


Foul after first hooter of last chakkar ( Obviously with a tied score)

Penalty is executed immediately with 5 seconds or remaining time , what ever is more, given after ball is hit or hit at.


Foul in last 20 seconds of the match

( Before first and final hooter is sounded) and the score is tied or can be tied – Penalty is executed in same chakkar and 20 seconds are given after the ball is hit or hit at .


Basic how ever remains simple , with 4 or 6 chakkar match , each lasting for 7 mins and 30 secs. Last one only of 7 mins , unless score is tied. For first extra chakkar , goals post  will remain at same distance of 8 yard. For second extra chukker , goals posts are  16 yards wide.

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