Danny Wise

Danny Wise Master of the ART of Glorifying The ART Presenting the globe with a combination of sophistication enfolded in classy enigma and sensual designs Let Others Play At Other […]

How Bad Can It Get.

A broken/smaller whip is  more potent at causing injury than the  buckle or buttons on out side of shoes. How ever , surprisingly, rule book doesn’t say anything about  minimum […]

When Polo Time Keeping Gets Tricky

Foul after first hooter   Penalty is executed in next chakkar.   Foul after first hooter of last chakkar ( Obviously with a tied score) Penalty is executed immediately with 5 […]

POLO RULE – 4.A(1)

Minimal Essentials  Approval of the Tournament Committee  Not bring the team’s handicap beyond  tournament limit Not to  begin with a “losing player substitute”  Not to substitute for more than one […]


What it Takes    Number of players will be four per team in all games.  No left-handed players are permitted. No player with dues outstanding to I.P.A can play.  No player other than […]


 The size of the ball will be 78 to 90 millimeters in diameter, and its weight may vary between the limits of 120 and 135 gms for plastic balls and […]