Danny Wise

Danny Wise

Master of the ART of Glorifying The ART

Presenting the globe with a combination of sophistication enfolded in classy enigma and sensual designs

Let Others Play At Other Things
 The king of games is still the game of Kings.

Polo afternoons were the original red carpet events, from where, in the era of Empires & Kingdoms,  fashion  trends used to start and spread in rest of the world. Though the world has come from Empires and Kingdoms to democratically managed nations,  rendezvous of first among equals hasn't  changed much.  Even today  the movers and shakers of this new macrocosm can be seen  during a polo afternoon enjoying  their favorite player's  long lofted shots at a flat out gallop over a glass of Champagne. Polo till date continues to  dictate the paths of fashion.

High heel Boots by Danny Wise

When there is so much attached with an event, "what to wear?" will  always be a major consideration. For the king makers, every piece of clothing,every little accessory that they wear  is a statement in itself. These are the times when nothing but the best can be relied upon to offer sumptuous luxurious piece of art. These are the times  when  we look towards Mr Danny Wise. The man who is synonymous with dazzling red carpet and ultra luxury lifestyle. Man of exquisite taste and style. With  four Oscars for fashion under his belt and names like Salma Hayek, Liza Minnelli, Jody Foster in his client list, he, no doubts, is THE choice for people who understand, appreciate and desire fine dressing.

Story Behind The Success

Danny Wise - No stranger to fine living and Luxury

It all started with him, as an eight year old , going to Paris to buy cardigans and ties. Since the very beginning Danny was interested in dressing up well and used to experiment with his cuffs  so that he could wear cuff-links. Eventually he got into professional modelling and had a long affair with success on the ramp. Danny remained a top model for 15 long years during which he won numerous awards including 4 Oscar for fashion  along with 51 other international awards. He has been on the cover page of most of the top fashion magazines and holds the unique distinction of being the only one to grace cover page of Vogue as a model and a designer both. Back then he had no idea that after long and successful stint as a top model, another equally thrilling and fulfilling phase is waiting for him. On June 7, 1992 he started his 2nd life with launch of his own brand by the name  "DANNY WISE" , an Italian fashion house  in Milan.  Specializing in luxury goods,  the brand Danny Wise soon became one of the most recognizable names in fashion, a favorite of international and very sophisticated clientele who would settle for nothing but the Best.  In a span of 25 years, his fashion house was operating in 5 continents. Danny"s trademark dedication ensured that within such a short time frame Danny Wise Brand is recognized  among the top 4 known and respected brands in the segment. What makes this feat even more commendable is that the first three competitors are French and have 120 years of long history.


 Royal marriage of supreme "Class" and the sublime "harmony" is the stunning "artistic imprimatur" of  Danny Wise. A  self-made man and a distinguished architect of prestigious Maison and eponymous brand. Today Danny Wise is a unique "Brand-cult",  and after more than two decades it continues to enrich the vast panorama of Italian. A truly triumphant success, derived from a very ambitious project, focused on the idea of elitist "Beauty", understood as absolute purity of "Style", "Elegance" met temporal, sophisticated and flawless, "Nobility" exasperated thought and action.

In fact, the meticulous stylistic research that characterizes it, requires an analysis, a delicacy, finesse and a "know-how" , free from vacant preconceived and stereotyped patterns, that yearns for redeeming virtues of the senses spirit, sublimating the formal concept of aesthetics to the altar. Danny Wise, the supreme exponent of "glamour" in the world, brilliant master of iconography and worshiper of perfectionism. He generously dispenses sensual "Elegance", arousing strong emotions, exciting and unknown, and then download them with professional talent, in the fabulous "red-carpet" of 'high- Fashion.

Danny Wise, a prestigious name that, with his "creative virtuosity illuminating", likes to enchant, amaze and invites you to dream, combining in a kaleidoscopic magic alchemy of fantastic visual effects and nuance, the glitz American, French charm, the Anglo-Saxon rigor chromaticity .

“THE ART of glorifying THE ART” !!!

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