Impressionism by Anibal Di Gennaro De Olloqui

French comment says ~: "[...] they started by terrifying everyone."


By: Anibal Di Gennaro de Olloqui

Great men of Impressionist painting

Currents in art. 
Renewing the pleasure of re meeting  with you dear readers of Ashva Sport by Polo Select this time as a theme to share "currents in the art", with the idea of presenting the same for several continuous deliveries.


In this presentation we will briefly know Impressionism, I invite you kindly to introduce us in this wonderful world:

Thus in the decades of 1870 to 1890 is born in France this current, its name comes from a critic of European art very acid who qualified to the same one as "impressionist" as a mockery describing the works exhibited by a group of painters in Paris of 1874 in which it They had outrageous and irreverent lines that impressed him.

These artists as opposed to the classical currents embodied ephemeral moments of everyday situations with very marked brushstrokes and very rudimentary and brief details

This group of artists mostly students of the two large private art schools of Paris "" Swiss Academy "and" Study of Gleyre "began to meet to debate revolutionary ideas in art, among them would be the great, such as Claude Monet (1840-1926 ) Paul Cezanne (1839-1906) Auguste Renoir (1840-1919) among others.

The idea that linked them was to express images of nature denoting human and simple sensations, that is to say to show in his works The daily life and his characters in ephemeral situations with a tapestry of pure colors

Thus the Impressionists sought to materialize experiences in each work, used lively colors in which clearly noticeable the stroke of the brushstroke, the works were mostly painted outdoors and in a very natural environment.

Art Touches our soul, until the next encounter.

Dr. Aníbal Di Gennaro de Olloqui


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