Epitome of Style and Class – The Sun King


Louis XIV The Sun King - The Epitome of Style & Class

By: Anibal Di Gennaro de Olloqui

Dear Friends, from this new column I am honored to meet you at the hand of Ashvasports, with a virtual magazine with style for the
man of the world.
On this occasion I have chosenvfde

Some of these marked: 1) In his presence, nobody, never, could be above him: if he wore clothes embroidered in gold, the rest could not aspire more than to
adorn their coats with silver thread.
2) No one could sit in a chair better than yours, or use more luxurious accessories, or dress more elegantly.  The story goes that throughout the 77 years of life the Sun King did not have to go without company for more than an hour. ,
His day began to awaken, in the so-called petit lever. So at eight in the morning the valet (who had slept at the foot of his bed),
announced: "It's time" and the monarch opened his eyes.

Later, the first doctor and the first surgeon entered the room, checking their state of health, followed by the members of the royal family.
Then, more dignitaries were added, a minimum of 24 people, each with a function.
The Sun King went to an adjacent room to have         breakfast, two cups of tisane previously tested by a taster to avoid poisoning. The ceremonial of the table was even more complex, let's see together how a lunch was developed His lunch took place at one in the afternoon in his private room, the Mercurio room, and had 5 Steps: soups, appetizers, roasts,
hors d'oeuvres and fruits, and each service (except fruit) included between two and eight dishes.
When the food arrived at the royal room, it was announced to the king that lunch was ready. , the service was the task of the
chamberlains: one cut the meat, another served it, a third offered it. , the chaplain blessed the table and the veedor uncovered the tureens,
in case the King wished to drink, the cup bearer of the court exclaimed: "Drink for the king!"

Ladies and Gentlemen Bonne Apetit! Until the next meeting.

Dr. Anibal Di Gennaro de Olloqui.

Abogado    Especializado en Comunicacion Institucional
Dr. Anibal Di Gennaro de Olloqui.

Abogado Especializado en Comunicacion Institucional Lawyer Specialized in Institutional Communication

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