Mesnier Laëtitia


 Mesnier Laëtitia



Laetitia who is originally from village Doubs can’t even remember when she fell in love with horses. For, it probably happened even before she could start recording events in her memory. Ever since she was a little girl, she would look at the images of horses in books. Once she learned how to read, destiny ensured that her first story happens to be about white mane. Laetitia recalls that she must have read that story at least a dozen times. By the time she turned 8, when most girls are figuring out about the doll they like best, she had already answered one of the most difficult question that life ever asks a person. By then she had decided that her life would be set in the land of white horses, the Camargue. When almighty blesses one with such laser sharp clarity of purpose, so early in life, the question of failing doesn’t even exist.


Camargue Horses


Her passion for equines was narrowed down to Camargue Horses. Laetitia fell for them for more than one reasons. As per her what makes this breed stand out is their obedient but wild character, the relationship that can be built with them and their will to always do their best. They are rustic, strong but still very attached to their owners.

With being short backed, flat fore head with large jaws makes Camargue an adorable package. To make things even better these delicate looking horses are extremely polyvalent in multiple disciplines.


While working with Camargue horses she soon realised that her field of interest is “Work Horseback Riding”. Work Horseback Riding is a discipline related primarily to the work of livestock (cattle, equine, goats… depending on the country). This after, became a sporting event that includes:

  • A comeback to work
  • A parkour of manageable technics
  • A timed manoeuvrability courses
  • A sorting cattle test

Competitive Streak

During her seven-year long stint with competition arena she has won numerous national and international prizes. To name a few

Laetita 1

  • 2012: Gold medal in team sorting with Pessoba of Iscles, at the European championship in Verrone.
  • 2014: Bronze medal at the championship of France with Utah de Tourrandons.
  • 2015: Vice-champion of France young horses with Apollo de Colombier.
  • 2016: Bronze medal at the European championship in Citta di Castillo and a bronze medal at the championship of France with Artaban of Prévôts.
  • 2017: European team champion in Paris with Artaban Prévôts.
  • 2018: European team champion and individual bronze medal at the European Championship in Eersel with Artaban des Prévôts




Laetitia got into breeding horses even before she entered the competition arena i.e. 2010. Presently Laetita is running her own business which she started in the year 2012.






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