When it comes to the mounted sports, Belgium undoubtedly emerges as one of the world leaders. A casual look at the statistics reveals that a lot about the equestrian world […]

Origin of the Word Chivalry

CHIVALRY A Way Of Life Designed Around Horsemen We all appreciate the concept of chivalry and everything that is associated with it. But few would know that the term Chivalry […]

Home Sweet Home

Art of the day Warrior with his Horse Cavalier & His Charger A painting that captures the emotions of a mounted soldier as he looks back at his home one […]

Latest Fashion Trend Taking Polo World by Storm

An entirely innovative fashion trend is taking polo world in United Kingdom by storm. Eddie Kennedy, the man behind this new craze, is helping polo players to express themselves better […]

How Bad Can It Get.

A broken/smaller whip is  more potent at causing injury than the  buckle or buttons on out side of shoes. How ever , surprisingly, rule book doesn’t say anything about  minimum […]

POLO RULE – 4.A(1)

Minimal Essentials  Approval of the Tournament Committee  Not bring the team’s handicap beyond  tournament limit Not to  begin with a “losing player substitute”  Not to substitute for more than one […]