Latest Fashion Trend Taking Polo World by Storm

An entirely innovative fashion trend is taking polo world in United Kingdom by storm. Eddie Kennedy, the man behind this new craze, is helping polo players to express themselves better with a custom designed and painted Polo Helmet.  Helmet being the only way to recognise a player on a ground as big as this, a custom designed and painted one is a sure shot way to make a fashion statement, and a BOLD one at that. These days Eddie Kennedy's home looks like a tack shop  because of long line of this protection gear waiting to get marked with their owner's long cherished dream. It all started as an experiment suggested by a friend of his by the name Chino Lieva. He asked Eddie if he would paint a wolf on his new helmet. Eddie was initially not impressed by the idea. But later he was  requested by another friend  Roman Nicole who asked him to paint a star from flag of Argentina  on his helmet. This was when Eddie finally decided to give it a shot. Having made the star Eddie realised that  it isn't a bad  idea afterall. " I thought I'd try the wolf idea on one of my old helmets. It was great so I went back to Chino and said what about we give it a go? " But by then Chino had changed his mind and asked him to paint American Indian Chief "Sitting Bull" instead. Once these two designes got exposed, the trend caught on like a wildfire.

Eddie Kennedy is a multi talented personality who is an accomplished singer, polo player, certified coach, manager and of course a painter of high repute. He has recently been covered by one of the most read polo on line magazine called Click Polo.

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