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Art Of the Day – Injun on Horseback

Garrie Renucci

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Garrie Renucci - Vendetta Polo Team

Garrie Renucci “Patron of the ground-breaking – Vendetta Polo Team” Garrie Renucci was as far away from the horse as any man could be. It was easier to locate him […]

Estelle Wagner

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Estelle Wagner @ Ashva Sports .com

Discovering Polo Until Estelle was 14 years old she had no clue that within 6 years or so she will be galloping down various polo fields of Europe, making that […]

The Horse

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Art of the day Warrior with his Horse “The Horse” at the entrance to Capitoline Hill Watercolor by Stanisław Masłowski,  Equine Lock Down  in Belgium ‘Art Of The Day’ by […]

The Beard

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La Barba en la historia del hombre. Estimadas Damas y Caballeros, me honra encontrarme con cada uno de ustedes a través de esta maravillosa creación comunicacional de la firma ASHVASPORTS.COM En esta ocasión seleccione para […]

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