Maharana Pratap’s War Horse – Chetak

Chetak - The Blue Horse of Maharana Pratap

It was around a thousand year ago that Maharana Pratap's ancestors came and occupied the Maru Pradesh or Land of  Death known as Mewar. This is also the place where romance of Marwari horse and rajput warriors started. Chetak , who was a war horse of Maharana Pratap, was also a Marwari horse. Legend has it that Chetak had a   blue tinge because of which Maharana Pratap was  known as the rider of blue horse. 

Chetak was known for his courage and loyalty. He accompanied his master in almost all the battles till he was alive. Battle of haldighati being the most famous of all. Not only because it was the toughest  but also because it was  this battle in which he carried his master to safety in spite of being seriously wounded. 

Battle of Haldi Ghati was a 4 hour long bloody battle fought on 18 June 1856 between Raja Mansingh 1 of Amber and Maharana Pratap. Mansingh had Kachwar of Jaipur and Mughals on his side where as  Maharana had Hakim Khan Sur's Afghans fighting for him along with his own men.  During the battle, Maharana Pratap got severely injured by an arrow and a spear. His horse Chetak also got wounded by tusk of an elephant. Realising that the day is lost and Maharana has to be saved, Bia Jhala took Kings umbrella himself and charged towards Mughal camp pretending to be Maharana Pratap. This gave Maharana enough time to escape the battlefield . Chetak could understand the gravity of situation. He carried Maharana out of battle field regardless of his serious injuries. Only after taking his master out of harm's way did he finally succumbed to the injuries and  died in Maharana's lap.


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