Origin of the Word Chivalry


A Way Of Life Designed Around Horsemen

We all appreciate the concept of chivalry and everything that is associated with it. But few would know that the term Chivalry has its roots connected to horses. In olden days, when the need for a term originated  in order to define certain values which all the well bred and well brought up individuals were to live up to, it was observed that most of those values were already present in the horse persons. Thus, the term Chivalry was derived from a Latin word ‘Chevalier’ which means horseman.

It was during the 12th century when Chivalry was developed in the north of France, as during this time the concept of Knight came into being. It was a new social status in itself with new military techniques. This new character was called Knight and the ethos they followed came to be called Chivalry. Chivalric codes include taking an oath of loyalty to the overlord and perceiving the rules of warfare, which includes never striking a defenseless opponent in battle.

Therefore, all the riders who are reading this should know that when they have a leg up on a horse, they have a lot to live up to.

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