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A Way Of Life Designed Around Horsemen

We all appreciate the concept of chivalry and everything that is associated with it. But few would know that the term Chivalry has its roots connected to horses. In olden days, when the need for a term originated  in order to define certain values which all the well bred and well brought up individuals were to live up to, it was observed that most of those values were already present in the horse persons. Thus, the term Chivalry was derived from a Latin word ‘Chevalier’ which means horseman.

It was during the 12th century when Chivalry was developed in the north of France, as during this time the concept of Knight came into being. It was a new social status in itself with new military techniques. This new character was called Knight and the ethos they followed came to be called Chivalry. Chivalric codes include taking an oath of loyalty to the overlord and perceiving the rules of warfare, which includes never striking a defenseless opponent in battle.

Therefore, all the riders who are reading this should know that when they have a leg up on a horse, they have a lot to live up to.

News & Views


Fouaad Mirza

Fouaad Mirza is an equestrian from Bangalore, India, who is the first Indian to qualify, compete and complete the event at Olympics. Not only complete, rather he was placed within first 25 riders who performed for the finals.

Siddhant Sharma

Siddhant Sharma is one of the most promising star of Indian Polo scene. Presently playing at a handicap of 4 goals, this young lad has a potential to reach way further up. A strong desire to be better than yesterday drives Siddhant to continue working hard. 

Aadityavikram Bhattacharya

Aadityavikram, a three times Child/Junior Best Rider (National Champion ) is an avid rider of International repute. Just being 16 years old, this young jumping enthusiast has achieved a lot of success in national & international arenas


A 12 year old polo player with Chennai Polo & Riding Club, playing at -2 handicap.

Peyton Lambert

An HPA -2, Peyton is currently playing for University of London Polo Club. She primarily plays at Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club and back in Scotland she  can be seen at  Kinross Polo Club.

Deepak Walia

A -2 goal polo player and co-owner of Chennai Polo & Riding Club

Sherif Amin

Sherif Amin is a polo player from Egypt with 1 goal handicap.

Cornelia Bordier

International Show jumper from Sweden

Samir Suhag

Arjuna Awardee , Ex 6 goaler and one of the best polo player country has ever produced.

Himmat Singh Bedla

A first class Noble from Udaipur. Class personified. Effective on an off the field.

Sajid Saleem

The young & handsome , determine to make it big on an off the field.

Hemendra Singh Rathore

A budding polo player from the family which could easily be called the Mercenaries of Polo -playing for various Kingdoms of Old Hindoostan

Bhanwar Janmejai Singh Rathore

Janmejai Singh Rathore is a direct descendant of Jodhpur’s founder. This royal house of the Rathore clan of Rajputs traces its lineage to the Rashtrakuta solar dynasty from 8th century AD.

Bhanwar Kartikeya Singh Rathore

Born into the royal house of the Rathore clan of Rajputs, Bhanwar Kartikeya Singh Rathore realised his passion early in life and went on to become the country’s youngest polo player.

Pranav Kapur

Under the tutelage of Colonel Faiz Siddiqui, this dashing and aggressive young player from Bangalore has covered the journey from -2 to Indian World Cup team in just 6 years.

Dhruv Pal Godara

One of the top professional players of country , who has played maximum world cups and have won 3 IPA Open back to back

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