Secret Healers

Secret Healers


Everyday I look in the mirror and hope to see the version of me my horse sees.

They lend us wings to fly and heal us of wicked desires.

This is my first article for all of you who are reading this blog. So a few years ago I came across a documentary that was about a wild horse redemption programme. There's an institution where criminals are sent, it is technically a jail but unlike any other "jail" it's a place where the misled can be healed and reintegrated into society as enlightened people who can contribute to society productively.

Everyone deserves a second chance. The choices we take sometimes lead us to destinations we never imagined we'd find and places so dark we forget what the warmth of light feels like. No one is born a criminal it's circumstance that takes them there, they're just lost.

In the wild horse redemption programme people who have been named criminals are taken to a place where wild horses are taught to be rideable and obedient.. Each convict is given a horse to tame.

Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire, the flames learn to dance together, tamed by the company of someone who understands what it's like to be wild.

By the end of their sentence convicts often want to stay on with their beasts because they've finally found a place where they belong. They are not known as murderers, thieves or sociopaths they are simply known as people, for a horses eyes can pierce right through your soul and see if you are worthy of redemption and sometimes he needs to be redeemed too for the wilderness often makes him tough and unethical.

I wish every country had these centres "criminals" make up such a large part of our society we cannot pretend they don't exist the same way we cannot pretend the wild horses don't exist. When they find a place they can call home even the wildest fiercest beasts can be tamed.

When a wild man and a wild beast learn to be tame together the world turns into an orchestra of peace and in the magic of the moment you can see the once vicious stallion give up his pride to be the mount of an unwanted man and then the dragons dance together and turn beautiful from dangerous.



Ameera Singh Pasreech is a student of Jesus and mary College, New Delhi. She is Junior National Champion 2016-17 in dressage and overall  Best Rider for this year. Ameera is an alumni of   Mayo College Girls' School, Ajmer.








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