Irina Kazaridi

Journey of A Dreamer

Most people have talent, however, what they don't have is the courage to go to the dark places that talent leads.
They hide behind 20 a dime excuses and settle  for safer and boring options. 

And then there are Dreamers. These are the people who have their inner compass working and unambiguously pointing towards  their passion.  Hardship of course accompany, but the kick of being able to do what one want is too intoxicating for these dreamers to feel the Hardship.

Irina is one such Dreamer who  took the road less traveled. For stream she opted for arts, in art she took photography, in photography she zeroed down on horses and in horses she further converged her lions share of effort on the game of Kings - "POLO"

An artist to the core, Irina  started early. Studied Arts in St Petersburg and consolidated what she learned at  the "Europe Institute of Art" in Milan. At that time a photographer getting into  an elite stream of sport and that too POLO  at such a scale was unheard of. But the very first time she captured a horses galloping at 40 miles an hour, she realized that nothing gets her into her elements more than preserving these gorgeous moments as artistically created photographs.

Her carrier with O  photography started way back in 2013, when she covered the first polo match of her life during St Tropez polo Cup. That was when she got bitten by bug, and could never recover ever since. By now she has covered almost every high goal tournament that is played in the world . Her work took her all over the globe.  South America, Europe , US or Middle East, she has been to all the polo centers of the world and captured some of the most fascinating photographs of horses and people who are associated with horses. When some one dares to follow the less traveled road, along with difficulty, it also offers some extraordinary dividends. Travelling,  happens to be one of  Irina's passion and thanks to polo photography, now she gets to visit all the breath-taking places and gets paid for doing so as well. There is another fascinating aspect of her work and that happens to be artistic representation of this most symmetric creation of almighty  as art pieces for home decoration. Her work is rightfully used by people with passion for beauty and grace to decorate their homes. 

 All photographers have a dream to publish their own Coffee Table book. Irina was no different and her long cherished dream came true when she published her  Coffee Table book in partnership with one of the biggest names in Polo ie "L. a. D. o. l. f. i. n. a.". Today this is one of the most famous Polo based Coffee Table book . It is called "Horses & Polo".

Second most common dream these magicians of light share is to have  exhibition of their selected work. With so many near perfection shots, it is no surprise that Irina  has exhibited her work in most of the countries. The list is long which includes  Monaco, Cap Ferrat, Cannes, Mougins, Moscow, at Hotel Kulm in St. Moritz, at Hotel Byblos in Saint-Tropez, at Le Club 55 Saint Tropez, at Polo club Houses: Polo Club Haras de Gassin in St.Tropez, Santa Maria Polo Club in Sotogrande/ Spain, The Real Polo Club de Barcelona, Hotel Four Seasons Buenos Aires, VIP Tent St. Moritz Polo World Cup, Deauville Polo Club, Chantilly Polo Club. 

The list of various magazines that have collaborated with Irina is equally impressive. Once done with the list, it seems as if there is no known publication which hasn't incorporated her work  in some form or the other . The list goes like this 

The Polo Magazine UK 
SBM Society magazine Monaco 
Cote magazine Monaco/Geneve/Moscow
Cercle - international luxury magazine UK 
Polo & Style Magazine Germany
Equestrian Arabia UAE
Emirates Man UAE
Polo & Style Germany
C8 Polo Magazine Argentina
The Polo Project Australia
Polo Plus 10 International
Equestrio Europe 
Polo Lady Magazine

As a person, along with appreciating shades of colors, she enjoys poetry and has published 2 of her books on poetry as well. Being fluent in 6 languages, she has no dearth of work to read and she does so  when ever she can squeeze some time out of her busy schedule. As a personal choice Irina loves to read  Russian poetry. All this she does, in her beautifully located apartment right by the sea in coast of South France. From here she can go swimming and snorkeling, which happens to be another of her passion, when ever she wants. Of course with her little under water camera.


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