Garrie - Vendetta Polo Team

Garrie Renucci

“Patron of the ground-breaking - Vendetta Polo Team”

Garrie Renucci was as far away from the horse as any man could be. It was easier to locate him on the Everest, for he was there engraving his name in Guinness Book of World Record for the highest ever musical concert. Or on a cycle while he peddled the length and breadth of countries like India, Tanzania or Cambodia, raising funds for British Asian Trust. Even on the slopes of snow-covered peaks where he frequents with his son for snowboarding and skiing. But certainly, nowhere near a horse or a polo field. For, for first fifty years of his life, he never had the opportunity to cherish the Game of Kings.


Garrie Renucci - Vendetta Polo Team

Introduction to Polo

It would have remained the same way for years to come had it not been for the Polo God’s intervention.  Garrie distinctly remembers that fine morning in Santa Barbra when it all happened. He was there for a business trip as he was about to step out of his hotel, he couldn’t help noticing an exceptionally well-dressed lady in the hotel lobby. There was something about her which conveyed that she was on her way to somewhere special.   Not the one to hold back a question when he has one, Garrie not only gathered that she was heading to a polo final rather he also got invited to attend the same. Soon he was sipping a coke and interacting with some of the most stylish people of the city in the grandstand. But as the afternoon progressed, he got completely smitten by the game itself. The very sight of reckless players on galloping horses making the ball fly from one end to the other was enough to induce an urgent and desperate need in him. A need to feel the speed. The overall package of the ‘Live life King Size’ lifestyle combined with the euphoria of playing a tough and demanding sport was too difficult for Garrie to resist. After all, he was never known for shying away from challenges nor was he ever apologetic for having a fine taste and a desire to lead a good life.

On his way back to UK Garrie was busy dreaming. For nothing entertains a polo player more than hitting those impossible looking shots in his imagination. Garrie was no exception, except for one little difference. He couldn’t fathom himself wearing those boring pales while hitting those imaginary shots. Of course, there was a lot to be figured before the ball gets rolling but first things first. His team is not going to wear dark boring colours. They are going to enter that 12-acre field, as and when they do, in bright florescent pink. Period.


“Discipline is not a dirty word” - Ron Dorff


Garrie Renucci - Vendetta Polo Team

Within four years Garrie has achieved milestones, any polo player will be envious of. Not only did he play his first match within nine months of sitting on horseback for the first time, he also improved upon his handicap every season since.  Therefore, when he was awarded the most improved player in UK, it wasn’t a news to anyone.  By then he had already played Newport international series twice, played in Argentina on three different occasions, tested his skills as a polo player in New Zealand and had rubbed shoulders with and against ten goalers like Juan Mortin Nero and Pelon Sterling.

He could achieve all this in record time because of his unflinching faith in what Ron Dorff said, “Discipline is not a dirty word.” The fact that Garrie hasn’t tasted alcohol or drugs ever in his life is enough to convince all his fans that he believes in the saying from the depth of his heart.


Changing the Face of Polo

Garrie Renucci - Vendetta Polo Team

Four years back when Garrie decided that his team won’t dawn boring darks, it was not just about the colours. He quite early realised that polo is not attracting enough fresh young talent anymore. And one of the reasons behind this was that over the years polo had become very stuffy and old fashioned. In order to rediscover polo in a form in which it is as appealing to youngsters as it is to traditional families, it needs to relax a bit. And with this agenda in mind, came ‘Vendetta’. A team by Garrie which has broken quite a few norms of the sport. So far Vendetta has participated in low goal tournaments in which it fielded two separate teams. Vendetta Pink with seasoned players and Vendetta Yellow consisting of young potential players.  This year Garrie along with Jimmy Wood, a professional polo player from Wood polo dynasty in New Zealand, is planning Vendetta’s next season. This time Vendetta intends to participate in 6 -12 goal tournaments. Being part of an old polo dynasty Jimmy has spent years discussing, playing and dreaming polo with his father and two brothers. With so many polo hours resonating in his subconscious, Jimmy Woods, is quite confident of guiding the team to another impressive spree. At the time of writing Vendetta has already won its first two 6 goal matches at ‘Cowdray Park’.

Way Beyond

Today Garrie has been able to initiate the changes for which the Polo God chose him. His team Vendetta has created an image of a fun-

Garrie Renucci - Vendetta Polo Team

loving and committed brand. Due to its effectiveness on polo ground and fun quotient off it, it has attracted many a youngsters into the sport. No doubts that the decision to dawn neon pink and bright yellow played its part in boosting the oomph factor around it. Initially his ways and choice of colours raised quite a few eyebrows in the British high society. But soon the results and commitment to the cause convinced the denizens of grandstand that the changes he intends to bring into the traditional sport of polo are going to make the sport flourish. The trend is catching on now and one can see quite a few teams playing in bright and lively colours. Therefore, when the commentator during the British Polo Day at St Tropez Polo Club in south of France, introduced Garrie as the “Patron of the ground-breaking - Vendetta Polo Team” everyone present there couldn’t help nodding in agreement.

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